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People wear only 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. What are you doing with that 80% you're not wearing?


Home Services:

Social Life Services:

Wellbeing Services:

  • Closet cleaning
  • Running errands
  • Bill paying, sorting mail, and correspondence
  • Organizing/de-cluttering your home, office, storage, or garage
  • Healthy cooking & meal planning
  • Light housekeeping & simple decorating
  • Organize a move from your place of residence
  • Home/parent/pet care
  • Event planning
  • Visiting, reading, arts & crafts, game playing
  • Following through with exercise plans
  • Assisting with hobbies & activities
  • Companion services for the elderly
  • Patient advocacy
  • Booking medical appointments, date reminders, and transportation
  • Communicating with all professionals involved in your care

Consider it done.

I offer free estimates, and I am insured.

Your home is not a museum.
You don't have to keep gifts you received from friends 20 years ago.



Examples of before and after OrganizedandHappy:

Messy desk - before
Organized desk - after
Messy garage - before
Organized garage - after

A small business with 5 employees could be losing $3,000.00 every 8 weeks due to unproductivity and having to look for things!



My rate is $35/hour,
with payment due the day of service.

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What our customers have to say about OrganizedandHappy:

     Sarah is amazing! She has helped me with 3 projects which include my kitchen, my 10-year old's closet and a basement pantry. I worked with Sarah on my kitchen and I was amazed with increased efficiency and newly found love of working in a non-cluttered and organized space.
     Sarah tackled the other two projects when our family was away from the house. She called once to be sure she could throw away outdated food (of course she could!). When we got back I had three bags marked "garbage" and one with outgrown clothes. Now my son has no excuse for a messy room and I can find a cooler or a box of Mac and Cheese without a problem downstairs.
      Sarah is professional & she listened well to my needs. She understands a busy household and taught me that "everything has to have a home." Now, for the rest of my house!



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Everything you value and decide to keep needs a home – its own little spot to which it keeps returning.